Roy Raymann, PhD, is a passionate Sleep Scientist who blends behavioral & neuro-science with hardware and software engineering to create sleep experience products for consumers.

Dr. Roy Raymann is an award winning scientist, who earned his degree in Biological Psychology at the Utrecht University in the Netherlands and his PhD in XXXX at the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience.

Roy Raymann is holding the unique position of being a scientist in the corporate world, resulting in over XXX scientific publicationsĀ  andĀ 16 patents on monitoring and improving sleep.

For his ground breaking PhD research* on the interaction between sleep, alertness and thermoregulation he received the Hilbert Kamphuisen PhD Thesis Award from the Dutch Society for Sleep Wake Research. He found solid evidence that by applying mild skin warming to humans, sleep-pressure, sleep quality and alertness can be altered. This thesis was entitled Mild skin warming, a non-pharmacological way to modulate sleep and vigilance.

Successively, he was the leading Sleep Researcher at TNO Defense, Security and Safety, Philips Research and Apple Inc. At his current position as the VP of Sleep Science & Scientific Affairs with SleepScore Labs, he brings sleep health science and actionable solutions to the people.

* In Dutch, a ten minute talk about the main results of the PhD research: