Improving people’s sleep, backed by science

Helping people sleep better has been the driving force of my career. My breakthrough scientific research gave me a deep understanding not only of the underlying physical patterns of human sleep but also the psychological insights in people’s behavior related to sleep.

I help companies that are looking to improve their consumer sleep products (hardware and software) with science services, product innovation services and strategy support in getting it to the right customers.

In addition, I am for hire to educate the public on how to sleep better – based on the latest scientific results – for all kinds of media outlets or as part of corporate wellness programs.

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Product consultancy

Product innovation

Make your sleep product work. Use my extensive knowledge of the behavioral & neuro-science of sleep and the sleep consumer product market to create sleep experience products that work.

Scientific services

Make sure your sleep product works. Let me help you find and translate the latest scientific insights for your product. Or work together on testing your product’s sleep claims.

Strategy support

Use psychological insights in human behavior to get your product to the right consumers.

Educating the public

Sleep content

Sharing my knowledge about sleep with the public is a driving factor of what I do.
Contact me for interviews, articles or blogs on sleep related subjects for print, online media, tv, radio or podcasts.

Lectures and corporate wellness on sleep

Better sleep means happier people and better results. Invite me to teach your audience or your company’s staff how they can get good and healthy sleep every night. For inspirational talks, educational webinars or a full corporate wellness program on improving personal sleep.